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Shuimu Induction heater are divided into MYH series Ultra-high frequency induction heater,MY series high frequency induction heater,MYF series, MYS series and MYD series of middle frequency induction heating sytem,They have different applications for their different frequency.Their main applications are as following.
1. MYH series heater: small parts brazing, hardening
2. MY series heater: metal parts brazing, hardening,forging, annealing and melting
3. MYF series heater: big parts hardening, forging, annealing, casting and melting
4. MYS series heater: reactor, vessel,pipeline liquild material heating, like water, gas oil, food material, chemical material, injection mold
5. MYD series heater:bigger metal job weld preheat, PWHT, annealing,hydrogen eliminationstress relief, bending,coating, thermal assembly,ect
6. MYW steam boiler:water vapour making for Medical disinfection,Clothing ironing and drying
Shuimu Induction company also supply the induction coils, temperature recorder, thermocouple,insulation blanket,crucible,ect
Shuimu induction also supply the MYTR series heat treatment furnaces.Which is all fiber Trolley Electrical Resistance Furnace used for metal parts annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering.In large and medium-sized high chrome, high manganese steel casting, gray iron castings, nodular cast iron, roller, steel ball, hammerhead of the crusher, wear-resisting liners, pressure vessel, slewing bearing, large axial, mechanical parts and mould material business, it is wildly used. This MYRT series of trolley furnace is the national standard energy-saving industrial heat treatment furnace.
Shuim induction supply field investigation, design scheme,equipment leasing and equipment customized heating service.
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Shuimu Induction is one of the leading and professional heater manufacturers and suppliers in China. In order to offer customers better equipment, we have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory. and now supplying you with a discount, we warmly welcome you to buy the cheap heater made in China with us, and to enjoy our low price and good service.
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